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Picture of the Day: Picun, flyover village

Taken on Sunday, November 26, in Picun 皮村 [an urban village located south of Beijing Capital International Airport]. The next day, a notice appeared, notifying all temporary tenants that they had until 6 p.m. to clear out. Those who managed to move within this one-day deadline — who knows where they ended up. As for Picun’s many Fan Yusu, how are you?

Editor’s Note: Fan Yusu is a Beijing migrant worker who became an overnight sensation for her essay “I Am Fan Yusu,” which documented her hardships.

One more picture: Picun’s main street:

Li Xingfei

Li Xingfei 李幸菲, former journalist, is currently writing a novel and studying screenwriting. At the same time, she operates the fashion-buying brand Miss Pelican (鹈鹕小姐), and from time to time walks the world.

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