How to make real Chinese food


How to make real Chinese food

Today we bring you the first of two pilot episodes of our new cooking show, where we show you real Chinese recipes that real Chinese people make! In each episode, a guest will demonstrate how he or she prefers to make a personal favorite home-style Chinese dish.

We’re delighted to have Jiayang Fan 樊嘉扬 as the chef in charge of our maiden show — you might know her as a New Yorker staff writer who has recently produced excellent reads about Xi Jinping and Chinatown ghost scams. Fan is also a Chongqing native and an occasional food critic who knows her way around spices.

Click here for the full, printable recipe for spicy and sour shredded potatoes.

Beijing not pleased with Indian drone that crashed in China

Reuters reports that “the Indian army said an unmanned aerial vehicle was on a training mission over Indian territory when it developed technical problems” and crashed into Chinese territory.

  • Indian border guards “alerted their Chinese counterparts about the drone soon afterwards,” said an Indian army spokesperson.
  • China has “voiced dissatisfaction and lodged representations to India” about the incident, demanding that its neighbor “stop operation of its aerial vehicles in the border area,” according to Xinhua News Agency.
  • “The worst in 30 years” was how the Chinese ambassador to India described a standoff at the Sino-Indian border earlier this year. Although a dignified retreat for both sides was arranged in August, tensions continue to simmer.

A job posting in Washington

The Voice of America has a job opening for a China Branch Chief based in Washington, D.C. Responsibilities include managing a multimedia newsroom of about 100 journalists producing Mandarin and Cantonese content. The application deadline is midnight Eastern Time on December 22, 2017. For more information and to apply, please click here if you are a U.S. citizen, and here if you are a foreign national.

SupChina’s special sources

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