The pessimists have always been wrong


Arthur Kroeber is one of the most perspicacious observers of China’s economy. His views are closely scrutinized by global investors. Kroeber has a cautiously optimistic, but entirely hype-free perspective on the movement of money in the Middle Kingdom that many of us at SupChina are in sympathy with, as you can hear in our Sinica Podcast: Arthur Kroeber vs. The Conventional Wisdom.

The China Economic Quarterly, a journal founded by Kroeber 20 years ago, is ceasing publication as the company behind it pursues one-off reports. In the Australian, Rowan Callick summarizes (paywall) “four hard-earned and important lessons about China’s economy” learned during the Quarterly’s 20 year run, and reflected in its final issue:

  • The pessimists have always been wrong;
  • Effectiveness — at allocating resources to produce sustained growth — trumps efficiency;
  • The financial system is stronger than it looks; and
  • And a dynamic economy can survive even authoritarian politics.

Kroeber also believes that “it is basically impossible for China ever to fully liberalise its capital account” because its economic stability depends on a large pool of captive domestic savings, restrictions on capital outflows and limits on borrowing from abroad. As long as this situation continues, China will not be able to take a leading role in the global financial system.

Comparisons are odious, solar power edition

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