The most memorable news for Chinese people in 2017

As the end of 2017 approaches, we asked Chinese people what they remember from the Chinese news during the year. Three important subjects emerged: Donald Trump’s state visit to China in November, the kindergarten child abuse scandal, and the low-end population incident (the mass eviction of migrant workers in Beijing).

However, the low-end population incident didn’t make it to the report (Chinese) that was released by search engine Baidu on December 18 to highlight the most significant news, events, and people throughout the year in 2017. Here’s some context about those events:

Donald Trump goes to China

U.S. President Donald Trump had his first state visit to China in early November. Beijing rolled out a red carpet at the Forbidden City to welcome him. Listen to the Sinica podcast with Jane Perez on the visit.

Beijing kindergarten scandal

A high-end kindergarten in Beijing operated by the New York Stock Exchange–listed company RYB Education was accused of child abuse in November.

Low-end population

The term refers to migrant workers and the displaced lumpenproletariat who comprise the underclass of cities like Beijing.