Chinese postgraduate entrance exam leaked?


A teacher at Dalian University of Technology was accused of leaking a math test ahead of China’s annual postgraduate entrance exam. The accusations began circulating after many internet users said on Weibo that nearly 60 percent of the mock questions that math teacher Li Lin 李林 presented in a three-hour-long video were similar or identical to those questions in the actual exam.

In response, the Chinese Ministry of Education investigated the case but found no evidence of a leak. Li also denied leaking the exam, claiming that he had never participated in compiling actual exams.

“In regards to the claims that my questions and the actual questions share similarity, I have been teaching at the tutoring center for many years. It wasn’t my first time teaching those questions. This can be proved from my videos and notes from previous years,” Li said in a statement he posted on Weibo.

On Weibo, many internet users questioned the response from the Ministry of Education. One commenter said, “As a educator myself, I can confidently guarantee that Li Lin leaked the exam. How come the Ministry of Education has a different response? We have to see through the essence of an incident… Where is so-called fairness and justice?” Another commenter said, “I am very angry. My boyfriend worked so hard for nine months just for this exam. It was less effective than watching a several-hours-long video. So many students who wanted to change their fate through exams, shouldn’t their hard work be respected?”