Avocado demand and a farm-to-table app

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Last year, we published an article titled “Food fads of the hipster Chinese.” Number one on our list: avocados. Today, CNBC reports that global avocado sales to China are expected to more than double in 2018.

  • Crocodile pears (鳄梨 èlí) or butter fruit (牛油果 niúyóuguǒ) in Chinese, avocados were first introduced into China in 1925, but have only recently started to go mainstream in the mainland.
  • Demand “appears to just double every year, from what we’ve seen,” says the president of California-based Mission Produce, “the world’s largest distributor of avocados.”
  • “Healthy” and “trendy” are buzzwords among China avocado industry people.
  • Mexico is probably the biggest beneficiary of the increased demand. Latin American countries as a group shipped about 76 million pounds of avocados last season to China.
  • Kiwi fruit and olive oil are the other items in the above-mentioned review of Chinese hipster foods that I think will see strong demand.

Farm to table — there’s an app for that

In other food news, Bloomberg reports that “Meicai, a China startup that helps farmers sell vegetables to restaurants, has raised $450 million in a funding round.”

  • $2.8 billion is Mecai’s valuation after the new investment. The company was founded in 2014.
  • Farms sell their vegetables directly to small and medium-size restaurants using the app.