Men beat restaurant owner in China over her ‘slow service’ [UPDATE]

A 26-year-old woman restaurant owner was viciously beaten by three men in Changchun, Jilin province on Saturday. Surveillance footage shows the men throwing her on the ground, punching her, and kicking her in the face.

The woman wrote afterwards on her Sina Weibo that the men were upset she was “slow to serve” them. Her injuries were not serious, but she said the men caused her “far more mental damage than physical harm.”

One of the men fled the scene, but the other two were arrested two days later. Changchun police identified them as Wang Yongcheng 王永成, 32, and Yang Gang 杨刚, 25, on its official Weibo account.

The incident is under investigation.

UPDATE: All three assailants were captured by police.

On January 30, the shop owner posted to her Sina Weibo that she has recovered “pretty well” despite the difficult circumstances of the recent days. As coordinated by the local police department, her family met with the assailants’ family, which might seem weird, but never forget that China’s is a guanxi (interpersonal) society. She was offered an apology, which she said seemed sincere, and partial compensation for loss and damages; when pressed in the comments to specify how much, she snapped back: “If I got a lot, should I feel wrong? If I got nothing, what could you do to them? Keep banging our heads? Should I stop living my life? Or should I be taking them down with me? Should we all forget about the new year? Just stop, stop discussing unimportant things.”

Also in the comments section — which, in general, has not been kind to her, as internet assholes continue doing their thing (the short of it, they’re bloodthirsty, uncompromising, and sexist) — she says she deleted her original post because “the thing’s already done, I don’t want my misfortune to continue affecting everyone, every time I see it, it feels like my heart rips a little. I also don’t want to ruin their lives. I hope they can turn over a new leaf.”