After extravagant spending spree, 18-year-old abroad cuts ties with family in China

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After essentially stealing 3 million yuan ($470,000) of her family’s money, a young Chinese woman in Canada has apparently blocked all of her relatives on all messaging platforms. Her father is desperately trying to establish contact with her, as he revealed in a since-deleted Sina Weibo post.

The 55-year-old father originally shared his story on January 11 on his Weibo account — called “A jobless father waits for his daughter’s return” — which uses his daughter’s image as a profile picture.

The father says his 18-year-old daughter took his entire savings of 3 million yuan, spending an unknown (and likely ungodly) amount on luxury goods, high-end restaurants, and five-star hotels while purportedly studying in Canada. He confronted her about it, using harsh words about her spending, but then she cut off all contact with family members.

Divorced when she was 7, the father says he has always wanted to give his daughter everything she wanted. “When she asked me to send her to Canada to study, I agreed immediately,” he wrote, adding that he set aside 3 million yuan to cover the girl’s tuition and living expenses.

Only one week after his daughter went abroad, the father discovered that all of the money had been transferred from his bank account to another one opened by his daughter.

He later learned that his daughter wasn’t taking classes. Instead, judging from her Weibo, she was busy indulging in the high life with a boy (who the father thinks is her boyfriend) in Toronto.

Chinese woman abroad after taking 3 million yuan

Canada girl missing after squandering family money 2

Chinese woman abroad after taking 3 million yuan 2

The father says he tried to talk to his daughter via various platforms, including WeChat and Weibo. He also reached out to her daughter’s friends, asking them to pass his message to his daughter.

“If you don’t listen to me, I’ll share everything you did on Weibo. You’ll become extremely notorious and no one will ever interact with you,” he wrote to her on January 3.

Chinese woman abroad after taking 3 million yuan father note 1Chinese woman abroad after taking 3 million yuan father note 2

“I feel have nothing to be sorry for. If there’s anything, you can point it out for me. Your mother doesn’t approve of your behavior either. Given that you’re my daughter, I don’t want to take things to the extreme. Also, it’s not safe for you to carry such a large amount of money with you. You should be clear who sent you to study abroad. Everyone must be grateful — not to mention, I am your father. I’ve said everything I need to say. If you still refuse to listen to me, I’ll expose every horrible thing you did on Weibo. No matter if you’re in Canada or America, you’ll be found sooner or later. I hope you can get a clear understanding of the situation and won’t be blinded by your lust for money.

“Daughter, I am out of solutions, so I send this message to you on Weibo. It’s a daunting task for me to bring you up. I’ve never been stingy with you. Why are you treating me like this? I can’t accept. You’re still my beloved daughter if you can correct your mistakes and come back from the wrong path. If you still insist, I’ll share everything you did on Weibo. Then you’ll become extremely notorious and no one will interact with you because you treated your father so badly. Also, I will contact the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto and summon every resource at my disposal to find you. I have your boyfriend’s contact. Do you think he will still be with you if he knows how you treated your father? I have found his parents but I didn’t tell them what happened because I haven’t lost hope of you coming back. If you remain impenitent, I promise you that you’ll regret it.”

After all these attempts proved futile, he indeed exposed his daughter’s information online, including her real name, photo, and ID card number. (The messages above are from his post.)

He later deleted the post, but the information has been screengrabbed and widely reported.

Chinese woman abroad after taking 3 million yuan father note 3

“Daughter, I have nurtured you since you were a child. I’ve always been generous to you. It’s not safe for you have such a huge amount of money with you. When I learned that you started smoking, I only criticized you, I didn’t try to embarass you. Does our father-daughter relationship really pale in comparison to money. All of my money was saved for you. I hope you can analyze the overall situation because family love weighs more than anything. I hope you’ll give it more thought!”

On Weibo, many users sympathized with the father’s encounter, with many accusing the daughter of being ruthless, cold-blooded, and ungrateful, while others cast the blame on the father, saying that it’s his fault for trying to intimidate his girl.

Canada girl missing after squandering family money 3

Father’s Weibo account
Father’s Weibo account