Executive suspended after tossing cross-dressing performer to the ground at company party

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A high-level executive at a clothing company in Shandong has been suspended, local media Dazhong.com reported today, after a video of his violent behavior toward a cross-dressing performer at the company’s annual holiday party went viral.

The footage shows the manager lifting a person who appears to be a woman off the stage and over his head, before throwing her to the ground. The video clearly captures the sound of her slamming into the floor. Then the manager starts to applaud, accompanied by some screams from the crowd, but it’s hard to tell whether the audience is cheering or expressing astonishment.

The video stops as another man on the stage slowly walks toward the woman, who seems to have difficulty getting up.

The video was posted to Weibo on Thursday evening. It has been shared more than 40,000 times, and received over 46,000 comments at the time of writing.

Many internet users who commented on the video condemned the manager’s behavior as brutal, ill-mannered, and cruel.

The company later confirmed that the victim, surnamed Song, was actually a male entertainer invited to the party. Cross-dressing is part of his performance. The company also said that the manager who threw the performer was under the influence of alcohol.

On February 9, the company announced the suspension of the manager from his position and apologized for the “bad influence caused by the matter.”


The company also circulated a handwritten apology letter signed by the manager. “I tossed a performer to the ground at the company’s annual holiday party on February 7 due to my lack of self-discipline. My behavior was against social ethics and it caused widespread public concern,” he wrote. “I sincerely apologize to the victim for my bad behavior and apologize to the public for the adverse impact of this matter.”

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