Epic brick throwing fail in China

Can you fail any worse?

Let’s set the scene. Two hooded dudes in China (exact location unknown), as captured on a surveillance camera on February 14, approach the front of a building, each with one brick in hand. The first person steps up and hurls a brick with all his strength at either a door or window, with apparent success.

The second person, hoping to duplicate his partner’s form, also hurls his brick at the target, presumably also with all his strength. He’s not as successful.

This moment, which I will freeze-frame —

— is not only the point of no return, but the exact instant when both parties know, without a doubt, the inevitability which awaits: an experience unforgettable, the hammer of karma dropping with the force of the stars. Look at the first brick-thrower’s flinch, knowing full well all that will happen yet powerless to alter it. Let’s allow these kids to have this moment forever.

Or, you know what? Whatever. Unfreeze.