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What is Beijing’s ‘low-end population’? A video explainer

Beijing is a bustling metropolis. But in the aftermath of a deadly fire last year, the government is moving out many of the migrants that help keep the city humming. The internet calls them the “low-end population” (低端人口 dī duān rénkǒu): They’re migrants at the bottom of Beijing’s social ladder, living for years in the outer rings of the city, crowded into often less-than-legal dwellings, and commuting long distances to work jobs in construction and manufacturing.

During this Spring Festival, they face an uncertain future more than ever.

The week of low-end population

The Santa of Xinjian Village, Beijing

Anti-eviction protest breaks out in Beijing’s Feijia Village on Human Rights Day

Another Beijing street protest against forced evictions, as documented by Hua Yong

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