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Not your average waitress

A female waitress in Hunan Province can hold nearly 20 bowls of noodles at the same time.

Jia Guo

Jia Guo is from the coastal city of Qingdao. She has an M.A. in multimedia journalism from NYU and has worked at Facebook and Bloomberg TV in New York City.

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  1. Paul Reply

    It would be helpful if links were provided for those of us within China, sans VPN (yes there are many of us) to provide links to Youku, QQ vid, etc of the intra -China sources for the vids. Only takes a second to add an additional link.
    It frequently occurs that a Youtube vid , that obviously originates from a Chinese source, has no link accessible within China.
    I understand that your focusing on an America audience; nonetheless Supchina is not blocked in China ( at least never has been in my experience… can download all the podcasts etc., However, any vid linked to Youtube I cannot watch, and it is obvious that they ( many of them, at least) originate from Chinese sources. Usually I can find the corresponding vid with a bit of searching, but would be much simpler to just provide the link to the Chinese source. If, of course, there is one.

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