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Exercise makes this woman ageless

A Chinese woman has become an internet sensation for her ageless look.

She’s 50 years old!

Liu Yelin is from Henan Province. She said she’s proud of her age and is still “young.” She used to read fashion magazines and wanted to have a tan, have an S-shaped figure, and wear bikinis.

Many internet users have joked that she and her 22-year-old son look like a couple.

What’s her secret to being ageless?

She is an exercise devotee and swims in the winter everywhere,including in the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, lakes, and the sea.

“Remember that every drop of sweat is a bullet to fight against aging,” she said.

Jia Guo

Jia Guo is from the coastal city of Qingdao. She has an M.A. in multimedia journalism from NYU and has worked at Facebook and Bloomberg TV in New York City.

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