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High school teacher fired after video shows him kissing student during tutoring session

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A high school physics teacher in Shanxi Province was fired this week after video footage surfaced of him kissing a 17-year-old female student during a private tutoring session.

The incident, which reportedly took place on March 11 at the teacher’s home, was exposed in a video posted by the teacher himself on social media. According to The Paper, the 47-year-old teacher, surnamed Jia, meant to upload the clip on QQ, Tencent’s leading social media platform, as a private file that can only be seen by himself. However, he accidently shared it with all his contacts and the video instantly went viral across various platforms.

In the video, the female student sits on Jia’s lap, and his hands are on the girl’s waist. She doesn’t express any sign of resistance when Jia kisses her on her lips. The clip appears to be filmed by the student.


After looking into the case, on March 21, the local education bureau released a document that announces that Jia has been fired from the school and stripped of his Communist Party  membership. The document also discloses that Jia started tutoring the girl one to three times a week since November 2017 at the rate of 100 yuan ($16) per hour.

In addition, the education bureau stipulates that Jia should return the money he earned, roughly 2,000 yuan ($316), to the student’s parents given that after-school tutoring is considered illegal in the province.

Jiayun Feng

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