Shanghai’s marriage market through the eyes of a ‘leftover’ woman

Guo Yingguang was 34 years old when she went to the famous marriage market in Shanghai last year, in hopes of finding a partner for herself.

However, the unpleasant interactions with parents shocked her. So she decided to make a statement about the experience by recording it all with a hidden camera.

Guo captured some of the market scenes and later made a photo series called The Happiness of Obedience.

Parents place their children’s basic information on an umbrella or a poster, many times without the knowledge of their children.

People are filled with mixed reactions.

“Sad! But I agree that single ladies who are older and have a higher salary have more difficulty finding a mate. No man is good enough to suit them. This is more obvious in big cities.”

“It’s the same with single men! The girls I know all like younger men. Women who are excellent usually don’t like dating old men. Men become “greasy” after they turn 30. If a woman is wealthy and can take care of herself after 30, it’s easy for her to find a younger man!”

“I want to let more women know that you don’t have to care about what others think and you have the right to live out your own life,” Guo said.