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China makes new strides in fighting air pollution

China has battled severe pollution in recent years due to its ambitious industrialization. Skies have often been smoggy and gray, but it looks like the worst may be over. Since the Chinese government declared a “war” on pollution in 2014, drastic measures have been taken to slow down air pollution. Now it is clear that air pollution, particularly in China’s largest cities, is rapidly declining.

Ibrahim Adewole

Ibrahim Adewole is a senior at Saint Peter's University studying Economics. He is currently an intern at SupChina and a freelance photographer and video producer.

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  1. Flavio Berthoud Reply

    If the Governments are interested in reducing 60%, or more, the emission of PM that the industrial process generates when using all kind of fossil fues, like coal and iron ore, it should contact who has the technology *Selective Switching* that allows this reduction

    Selective Switching technology – current scenario.

    * Performing the 1st Upgrade in an industrial ESP installed in Vitória/ES – Brasil, with partial conclusion scheduled for October / 2018. This will enable to be certified the effectiveness of the technology.

    * This ESP Upgrade will allow to retain 100% of PM 0.1 micron to PM 10 micron which is currently not retained. The mass of particulate that will be retained represents 60% of all current pollution released into the atmosphere.

    * Parallel to this, it is being initiated the construction of the 1st ESP containing the Selective Switching technology, which will be the ESP-SS.

    * Is under evaluation the purchase of an device, the ACI – Activated Carbon Injector – that will be installed in the ESP-SS, transforming it into the industrial filter to be called ESP-SS/ACI.

    * This ESP-SS/ACI, able to filter and retain 100% of PM 0.1 micron to PM 10 micron, will also be capable of filtering and retaining an immense amount of Gases produced in industrial processes, which today require retention systems of post-treatment, usually complex and very expensive.

    * In a 2nd stage, only possible in 2/3 years, with the improvement of Relay LP 100 KV, the ESP-SS/ACI will be able to retain 95% of the total of the current mass and gases of PMs released into the atmosphere, since PMs less than 0.1 microns will also be withheld.

    *In this 2nd stage will be possible, also, the filtering and retention of 98% of all types of gases generated in industrial processes.

    * Several industries that use fossil fuels are in permanent contact with Company TCS Ltda, holder of the SS Patent, attentive the conclusion of the 1st Upgrade.

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