People’s Daily online exhorts China to ‘stab at the heart of the snake’ in response to U.S. tariffs


Xinhua News Agency is in ethno-nationalist myth-making mode, heavily promoting a ceremony paying homage to the ur-ancestor of all Chinese, the Yellow Emperor (黄帝 huángdì).

Meanwhile, the People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s in-house newspaper, has a sober front page (in Chinese), with only one measured story dedicated to the unseemly business of the Chinese response to the proposed Trump tariffs. But the People’s Daily’s web editors have not been nearly so restrained:

Bravely unsheathe the sword, have the courage to oppose, stab at the heart of the snake” is the title of the top story (in Chinese) on the People’s Daily website. It’s a spirited exhortation for China to respond aggressively to the tariffs proposed by the Trump administration, and to stand firm with the countermeasures announced yesterday. The article does not just argue that Trump’s tariffs are unfair to China, it also cites Western media commentaries to argue that a trade war will hurt America’s “low-income consumers, industrial workers, and farmers…the main supporters of Trump.”  The piece concludes:

We have dignity, self-confidence, and courage. When we hit a hard spot, we cope. We don’t waver in the face of truth. We’ll unsheathe our sword and fight until our final victory.

More on Trump’s tariffs:

  • White House tries to tamp down trade war fears as China retaliates / NYT (paywall)
    “White House officials moved quickly on Wednesday to calm fears of a potential trade war with China, saying the administration’s proposed tariffs were a ‘threat’ that would ultimately help, not hurt, the United States economy, hours after China said it would punish American products with similar levies.”

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