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Boarding school owner in Jiangsu suspected of raping 11-year-old girls

A man in Yanchen city, Jiangsu Province, surnamed Zhang, was arrested by local police on April 16 on suspicion of raping two girls multiple times in an educational facility that he owned.

According to Xiandai Kuaibao, the allegations surfaced after an 11-year-old girl, who has been studying and living in the educational center since third grade, said that she didn’t want to “stay in Zhang’s place anymore” in a phone call with her parents, during which she couldn’t stop crying.

“If not for my daughter’s phone call, I wouldn’t have noticed,” said the girl’s mother, Shen Juan 申娟.

Shen told reporters that Zhang forced himself on her daughter and threatened to “impose more severe punishment” if the youngster told anyone what happened.

Details from the Xiandai Kuaibao story are beyond disturbing. Shen said her daughter recalls being raped more than 10 times, in multiple locations.

When reached by Shen, another 11-year-old girl at the facility said she too had been raped by Zhang. The victims are reportedly dealing with “severe injuries,” according to examination results released by a local hospital.

One person (probably Shen, though it’s not immediately clear in the article that it wasn’t a police officer) was quoted by Xiandai Kuaibao as saying, “To be honest, we really wished the children were lying to us, we couldn’t believe it was true.”

Parents of both victims reportedly expressed shame for not taking their children out of the school earlier.

Zhang has been detained by Yanchen police, who are investigating the case.

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