In China, this truck ain’t truckin’

Not like the do-dah man. Not to Buffalo. Not to home (probably). While we’re at these cultural references — not like Robert Crumb, either. This truck is definitely not behaving like a truck, which is to say, transporting materials in its cargo bed from one point to another at an optimal, vehicular speed.

This video was taken in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province on April 26. Two days later, city police reportedly saw surveillance footage of this incident and tracked down the driver, who apologized for his behavior and accepted his (unspecified) punishment.

The truck looks like a Dongfeng DFAC cargo truck, which is ubiquitous around these parts. It’s tough for me to eyeball, but if the model in the video is EQ1080S8BDC, then its “curb weight is…3800 kg, rated capacity is 4280 kg.” Basically, it was carrying a lot of weight.

Here’s what it might look like on one of its better days:

And here it is with the weight of the world slopped on its back, low-riding like a champ:

Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings.