China will not back down on Made in China 2025


China’s Vice-Premier Liu He 刘鹤, a close adviser to Xi Jinping who is sometimes described as the “brain” behind China’s economic policy, will visit Washington, D.C., next week.

  • Liu wants to talk about concrete measures to cut the U.S. trade deficit, says the South China Morning Post, and “will not back down on industrial policy” — “especially the Made in China 2025 development plan.”
  • “China, while globally pre-eminent in the agrarian phase of human history, missed out on the industrial revolution and therefore lost its rightful position in the world. China — or so goes the story — will not make the same mistake again, as the world is on the brink of the next great revolution.” This is the argument an editorial published in the Guangming Daily, a house organ of the Party’s Propaganda Department, as summarized by David Bandurski of the China Media Project.
  • There is remarkably consistent messaging from official China, and no sign of any intention to back down on Made in China 2025.