On now: SupChina Women’s Conference

We’re live from New York! Our founder and CEO Anla Cheng has just given the welcome address at the 2nd SupChina Women’s Conference, and keynote speaker Wei Christianson, who is the managing director and co-CEO of Asia Pacific and CEO of China for Morgan Stanley, is currently at the lectern. Even if you’re not here, you can join us on our livestream, or follow along on Twitter via #SupChinaWomen.

(We’ll update this post as we go, so check back over the course of the day.)

TECHNOLOGY PANEL featuring Yang Lan (talk show host, author, chairperson of Sun Media Group), Caitlin Long (founder of Wyoming Blockchain Coalition), Julia Steyn (CEO of Maven), and Lili Zheng (managing partner, Deloitte, M&A Tech) ; moderated by Lulu Wang (founder and CEO of Tupelo Capital):

FINANCE/BUSINESS PANEL, featuring Debra Lodge (managing director, head of Global Markets China Solutions and RMB, HSBC), Mei-Mei Tuan (CEO, Notch Partners), Franny Yao (partner, EY, US-China Financial Services), Lanlan Zhang (vice chairman, CICC, U.S. Securities Inc.); moderated by Wendy Cai-Lee (CEO of Oenus Capital).

CONSUMER/LUXURY/BASIC INDUSTRY PANEL, featuring Kathy Bloomgarden (CEO of Ruder Finn), Caroline Jinqing Cai (chairman of Christie’s China), Deborah Weiswig (CEO and founder of Coresight Research), and JuE Wong (CEO of Moroccan Oil), with moderator Lenora Chu (author of Little Soldiers).

SINICA! Final event of the evening:

This year’s two recipients of the Female Rising Stars Award were Cindy Mi, founder and CEO of VIPKID, and Ingrid Yin, co-founder and portfolio manager of MayTech Global Investments. Learn more here:

(Ended) Winners of the 2018 SupChina Female Rising Stars Award