Worrying about China ruling the world


Prospect magazine has published a package of China articles:

  • Isabel Hilton, founding editor of China Dialogue and a Sinica Podcast guest in our pre-SupChina days, has written an essay on what China’s growing global influence means for the rest of the world. She concludes that democracies are in an uncomfortable situation: “Such is the weight of China now, that should it fail on its own terms, the economic and other consequences could be grim. But should it succeed on these terms, there will be consequences for democratic freedoms that most of the West has barely begun to contemplate.”
  • “The coming renminbi revolution” is the title of a piece by veteran Singaporean diplomat and Sinica Podcast guest Kishore Mahbubani. He suggests that “both America and Europe have to wake up now and ask themselves a simple question: which aspects of their international behavior would they like China to replicate when China becomes the world’s top dog? And which aspects would they like China not to replicate?”
  • The fraught relationship between China and Australia is the topic of an essay by Kerry Brown, professor of China studies at King’s College, London.