Crayfish detaches own claw to escape boiling hotpot

A crayfish just won the admiration of the internet after it cut off its own claw to escape a boiling hotpot in China.

The 11-second video clip, which was uploaded on Weibo by a diner named “Jiuke,” shows the crayfish using its right claw to detach the incapacitated left claw, which appears immobile after being cooked in the boiling temperature of the spicy soup. The crayfish then quickly makes its escape.

After watching the video on Weibo, many users pleaded with “Jiuke” to let the crayfish go. “Don’t eat it. See how hard it’s trying to survive,” one user posted.

The diner said he “let it live” and already took the crayfish home as a pet, to raise in an aquarium.