Friday Song: Social Shake, the dance of the ‘society’ subculture

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Remember when the world was obsessed with Psy’s K-pop single Gangnam Style, which spread like a virus? Young people in China, especially in rural areas, are having a similar craze with the shehui 社会 subculture, translated literally as “society,” referring to a type of rough-and-tumble street culture. (Earlier this week, we introduced different styles of low-cost homemade shehui-flavored skits on Kuaishou, a short video platform popular among young people in rural China.) Among the many symbols of shehui culture, you might be most familiar with Peppa Pig, which was banned on some platforms due to its association with “society” folk.

But here’s another prominent symbol of the shehui life: the “social shake” dance (社会摇 shèhuì yáo):

“Social Shake” is the name of a single from Chinese singer Xiao Quan 萧全, the video for which — embedded above — went viral in 2015. While Xiao didn’t invent the “social shake” dance, he successfully blended elements from other subcultures, such as music from the Mandopop dance song “Little Apple” (小苹果 xiǎo píngguo), and plaza dancing, the kind that grannies do on public squares. The social shake — usually accompanied by electronic music — does not have a specific move-set, so it’s easily imitated by amateur video makers. Typically, it features a group of dancers doing a series of impromptu or self-choreographed movements such as nodding, waist-wriggling, and shoulder-wiggling.

China’s most famous social shake video producer, Paipaiqi, had 33 million followers on Kuaishou, and allegedly purchased luxurious townhouses in his home city of Harbin before his account was taken down by the platform, which accused him of spreading vulgar content.

Xiao Quan, to the best of our knowledge, has had no such problems. We’ve translated the lyrics of his song below.

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A long time ago, there was a group of so-called shehui people

Every full-moon night, they gathered for an ancient and mysterious ritual

Xiao Quan:

奥特曼 奥特曼
Ultraman, Ultraman

打怪兽 打怪兽
Fight monsters, fight monsters

买个表 买个表
Buy a watch, buy a watch [买个表 — mǎi gè biǎo — sounds like the word for “motherf**ker”]

小蛮腰 小蛮腰
Small waistline, small waistline

Hello Mr. DJ

Don’t stop the rhythm

我脑袋里在开 party
My brain’s throwing a party

I can’t stop shaking

Give me a minute

Leave my consciousness blank

Let troubles and worries

Get out of my way

The rhythm is too heavy

The alcohol is working

The lights keep spinning

Making me want to free myself

The rhythm is too heavy

Raise your hands

You want to free yourself

They want to free themselves


Now my heart is feeling free


My body is ready

这个音乐叫做 社会摇
This song is called “social shake”

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