Cross-dressing men in downtown Suzhou confronted by police

Society & Culture

On July 3, three men dressed in women’s clothes were ordered to leave a shopping area in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, after being scolded and humiliated by some police officers on public streets.

A video of the conflict shows a man in a tight dress and high heels arguing with five police officers while surrounded by onlookers. Confronted by an officer who asks him to be aware of his “influence,” the man says that he’s a tourist visiting the city and crossdressing is his hobby. “What I wear is none of your business. It’s my own choice that needs no approval from you. Mind your own business,” the man states. “You should focus more on people who steal, rob, and fight.” At one point during the dispute, an officer gives a violent shove to the man’s neck.

According to the, which obtained the clip and posted it online, the crossdressers were “educated by the police” and eventually “persuaded to leave the scene.” The reproduced video doesn’t add much context, but it adopts a condescending tone in describing the cross-dressing group as men who “put on tons of makeup,” “walked like catwalk models on the streets,” and “made exaggerated gestures.”

On the Chinese internet, an overwhelming majority of people voiced their support for the crossdressers. “That man is absolutely right. He can wear whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t break the law,” one Weibo user commented.