Horrific scene in Hangzhou as driver plows through bikers and pedestrians

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In an apparent accident, a black car plowed through bikers and pedestrians alike on a busy intersection in Hangzhou on Monday evening, killing at least three and injuring 14.

The incident happened at Jingzhou Road 竞舟路 and Wen’er West Road 文二西路 just after 7 pm. According to Qianjiang News 钱江晚报, a witness said the driver first knocked over a scooter before toppling over an awning in a bicycle lane and then running over bikers and pedestrians.

The driver, identified as an upper-middle-aged woman surnamed Chen, was not driving under the influence, according to initial reports. Police are still investigating the matter.

Other witnesses speculate that perhaps the driver mistook the gas pedal for the brake, as the car zipped by at an abnormally fast speed:

The car eventually flipped over against a wall:

It was a messy scene afterwards: