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Friday Song: A summer song for hot summer romance

At the very beginning of “1234567,” an upbeat gem by the Taiwanese singer-songwriter Cheer Chen 陈绮贞, a well-crafted montage of summery imagery sets the scene for a romance to blossom in the hotter months. Upon the early arrival of heat waves, characterized by sweaty shirts and fleeting scent of perfume, Cheer is with someone that she can’t get enough of. She complains about the hurtling passage of time while drinking an excessive amount coffee to stay clear-minded.

The love she finds, as the lyrics suggest, is still in its initial stage, where she’s so uncertain about herself that she needs to put on a performative disguise to impress her crush. She pleads for “annoying people to go home,” craving a private moment with her crush, yet she’s still too timid to express herself.

But as the song progresses, the feeling of self-doubt and vulnerability in nascent love is slowly replaced by an unabashed confession of longing. Toward the end, the violins and drums drop out, leaving space for the singer to come to terms with her obsession. “Collect your photos / Observe your room,” she sings, deciding to reveal her true self regardless of how her lover might take it. “Find a time to say I love you / Love you / Love you.” It’s the sound of liberation, confidence, and self-affirmation.

1234567 is not your typical summer banger of infectious melodies and vacant lyrics about beaches and barbecues. Rather, it’s more of a slow-burning jam built on intimate moments that are unique and specific to the season. It’s a perfect song to play on heavy rotation if you are in a summertime romance and determined to let the infatuation intensify along with the temperature.

Time passes too fast

Topics are endless

Summer arrives sooner than expected

White shirt soaked by sweat

我努力遮掩 来到你的面前
I try hard to cover up when coming to you

1234567 电话声 打断了情绪
1234567 / Ringtone interrupts my emotions

Perfume evaporates rapidly

I’ve drank too much coffee

讨厌的人快回家 只剩下我和他
Annoying people please go home / Leave him and I alone

我努力遮掩 来到你的面前
I try hard to cover up when coming to you

1234567 数到3 说啦啦啦
1234567 / Count to three and say la la la

Collect your photos

Observe your room

也许有这么一天 把你当做我的家
Maybe one day I’ll see you as my home

我毫不遮掩 来到你的面前
I no longer cover up when coming to you

1234567 找时间
1234567 / Find a time

说我爱你 爱你 爱你
To say I love you / Love you / Love you

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