Friday Song: A Chinese rap that pays homage to Bart Simpson

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Rap shows in Beijing often feel a little like high school talent shows. Yet a few months back, when Bamboo of the Cloud Tunnel Collective took the stage, the maturity and skill of the local scene shone through. His single “Bart Simpson,” in which the rapper admiringly compares himself to “Springfield 的 hero,” changes flows quickly enough to even keep a listener with Bart’s attention span interested. The Sideshow Bob, Milhouse, and Moe name-drops are also a nice touch.

Here’s the hook (italics = originally rapped in English):

Bart Simpson
I’m Bart Simpson
Benz-driving Bart Simpson
Bitches luv me Bart Simpson

I’m Bart Simpson
Skateboarding Bart Simpson
Non-vegetarian Bart Simpson
Yellow-skinned Bart Simpson

The full lyrics, as translated by Anthony Tao:

bamboo on this track

dope boy Simpson u feel me


Bart Simpson

我叫 Bart Simpson
I’m Bart Simpson

开宾士 Bart Simpson
Benz-driving Bart Simpson

bitches luv me Bart Simpson

我叫 Bart Simpson
I’m Bart Simpson

滑滑板 Bart Simpson
Skateboarding Bart Simpson

不吃素 Bart Simpson
Non-vegetarian Bart Simpson

黄色皮肤 Bart Simpson
Yellow-skinned Bart Simpson

Verse 1

把我的头像印在你的衣服上 叫时尚
Print my headshot on your clothes, call it fashion

You find my photo, imitate from head to toe

I’ll have changed up just as you’ve mastered my mold

You take my name card, use it as a badge of honor

爱玩的辛普森 我从来不认真
Fun-loving Simpson, I never pay attention

Out the door on a skateboard with car models following

You can drive a Ferrari and be no match for me

My identity is unfathomable, don’t ask what you’re not supposed to ask

I’m Springfield’s hero

你想挑战我 no problemo
I wanna challenge myself, I’m no problemo

就连sideshow bob 都不是我的对手
Even Sideshow Bob ain’t no match for me

My lyrics can be used like an AK-47

所以i got chopper to shot u muthafucka你没武器
I got a chopper to shoot at you motherfucker, you ain’t got weapons

Haters secretly mouth my lyrics they’ve collected

ur bitch见到我get wet already像是下面放了跳弹
Your bitch gets wet after seeing me like a sex bomb has gone off below [note: 跳弹 (tiàodàn) is a clever play on 跳蛋 (tiàodàn), which is a “love egg” (a sex toy), while 弹 (dàn) means “bomb”]

唱完 这段 milhouse 又该说我是个混蛋(i dont give a shit)
After singing this Milhouse will probably call me a bastard again (I don’t give a shit)

如火纯青技术让你 听到我转换flow的快慢
My perfect skills will let you hear the pace of my change of flow


Verse 2

Jordan’s on my feet

crystal‘s on my beat

golden is my teeth

My song’s on all the TVs

showty wanna taste my tongue

Chick holding me won’t let go

Loudly calling my name

Nod your head to my song

My name’s out there, I don’t need to over-publicize

All those envious hateful conspiracists were long ago exposed

Everyone looking forward to my new song upload

But later I got ladies to take for drink and play at Moe’s

When Bamboo starts to rap y’all listen

Everyone looking at me with eyes wide

(I’m) the star in the eyes of the lover in your dreams

Ride a private jet from Los Angeles to Beijing

One album sells like it’s Singles’ Day [note: 双11 refers to November 11, one of the best days for online sales]

My talent with temperament matches Bugatti

The apprentices of fake rappers are calling Didis [note: Didi is Chinese Uber]

Dumbass shouting-mic MCs are driving tractors


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