China battles severe storms

This video from August 23 shows the damage caused by the power of a typhoon’s rain in Jilin Province, China. The water from the storms rose so high that the bridge in Dongcun, Toudao Town, Ji’an City, was rendered unusable. Schools were canceled on August 24 in some of the affected areas.

Jilin is no stranger to flooding and its consequences. Last summer, 18 people went missing and another 18 were found dead. About 110,000 people had to be relocated due to heavy rainfall that rendered their homes dangerous.

Earlier this year, a flood in the Guangxi region caused 16 deaths and led to 10 people missing. About 92,000 people had to evacuate their homes and the damage cost 2.9 billion yuan. During that time, the Ministry of Finance announced that 1.9 billion yuan was to be allocated toward restoration.

Other parts of China are struggling with flooding right now. Posted on August 23, a video shows that Shouguang, Shandong Province, also has been affected by flooding, which damaged many residential buildings and farms and put people in direct danger because of the damage to their homes. The Weifang Municipal Government blames the heavy rain, the suddenly rising water levels, and the stress on three existing reservoirs, which eventually were forced to release the water.