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Self-defense or murder? A heated debate over the killing of a BMW driver by a cyclist in China

Road rage cost a man his life. And it was his own knife that did him in.

Surveillance footage captured a disturbing scene on August 27 in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, when a BMW trying to switch from a car lane to a bicycle lane collided with a cyclist.

Two people emerged from the car to move the bike to the pavement. But then the driver of the car, Liu Hailong, 36, physically confronted the cyclist, Yu Haiming, 41.

Yu fought back while Liu’s friends tried to break up the fight. But the situation escalated when Liu ran back to his car and brought out a knife.

In the chaos, Liu dropped the knife, which Yu picked up. He slashed Liu at least six times before the police arrived at the scene.

Both men were taken to the hospital — where Liu was pronounced dead.

The footage of the incident, which went viral on Chinese social media, generated heated debate among internet users. One commenter wrote, “I support the cyclist. He is not guilty and this is justifiable self-defense.”

“I suggest we award the cyclist for removing the bad guys from society,” said another internet user.

Legal experts also weighed in. One lawyer, Bao Hua, told China Daily that he considered the cyclist’s act unjustifiable. He said that if Yu had grabbed the knife and forced Liu to step back, it would have been fine, but Yu continued his attack even after Liu appeared to surrender.

This incident is under investigation.

Anuz Thapa

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  1. Andrew Dutch Reply

    Depending what kind of laws you have in your country. It is possible that the Cyclist will do a short-term or probation and community service depending on the mans background. If he has a good background and never got into it with the law ever it will help lessen his punishment. By looking at the video, it looked like a life and death situation where The cyclist could have been killed twice when he did nothing wrong. (1) cyclist could have died getting hit my the BMW if it was harder (2) he was then confronted by multiple BMW drivers then attacked by machete Knife which is illegal to carry, multiple of times before he managed to knock the machete away. ( if he didn’t hit the machete away, the dead person would be the cyclist) now the table has turned, cyclist grabbed the machete and attack back, BMW attacker ran towards car while getting cut back, “maybe for another weapon or gun” so cyclist feared BMW attacker was getting another weapon. Now both was injured, and one ended up dying which was the source of the whole problem so now who is guilty? How about the if the cyclist died who is guilty? Who is in more wrong? Use fair judgement and be human and not machine to judge these poor sins. My opinion, if I was the cyclist, I will sue the BMW driver and all who was involved in that case. Cyclist needs a good lawyer and sue for all injuries and damages and mental issues and fear he will have for the rest of his life. In Asia it also depend who BMW attacker family is too, they might have more money and more pulls in certain area. Any jail time will put the cyclist life in danger, so he needs protective custody as well. It’s just bad luck for the cyclist. I pray that he will escape this storm with not anymore harm and go back to his family. ????

  2. Ángel Bermúdez Ochoa Reply

    Ciclista se defendio de un atacante asesino que no hiba a parar hasta matarlo a el, defensa es permitida, no tenía otra opción…

  3. Terry Wurzer Reply

    BMW driver got me what he deserved, the man clearly wasn’t instagating anything and wasn’t going after them , the people in the car clearly had no intention on letting it go , you can only push someone so far before they turn on you.

  4. Ángel Francisco Bermúdez Reply

    Fue en defensa de la vida…tuvo suerte que el atacante perdio el arma….el pudo morir sin razón del atacante…

  5. Yamcro Serrano Reply

    I know that the BMW Driver Initiated the agression and the Bike rider defended himself. That said once he stated to chase him slashing him with the machete he becomes the aggressor. Hopefully he doesn’t get hit hard by the law cause in the heat of the moment 9 out of 10 would’ve done the same

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