SupChina Photo Contest: Thinking in Wangfujing, by John Salvino - SupChina

SupChina Photo Contest: Thinking in Wangfujing, by John Salvino

Editor’s note: John Salvino’s photo (click to enlarge) is a 2nd Prize winner in the SupChina Photo Contest. All 10 winning photos will be posted one per day, with the Grand Prize winner unveiled on Friday, September 21. Keep an eye on this space for all the winners, and check out yesterday’s photo, Kyle Obermann’s “Tibetan yak.”

This photo was taken this past February near Wangfujing in Beijing. It was my first time visiting the area since I moved here in January. Anyone who has been to Wangfujing knows how crazy busy the area is, with all the shops and restaurants and mall there. While leaving the area, I walked down one of the small streets leading out, and I saw this man sitting there quietly. I thought it was nice that so close to such a busy environment, he found a place to just sit and think.

John Salvino

I'm originally from Toronto, Canada, but I moved to Beijing this past January to start a new job. For part of my job, I am very lucky to be able to travel around China! I love photography, music, and traveling. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @jsalvino or check out my website at!


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