SupChina Photo Contest: Boy with Drone, by Kayla Blomquist


Editor’s note: Kayla Blomquist’s photo (click to enlarge) is a 1st Prize winner in the SupChina Photo Contest. All 10 winning photos will be posted one per day, with the Grand Prize winner unveiled on Friday, September 21. Keep an eye on this space for all the winners, and check out yesterday’s photo, Lei Gong’s “Jianbing.”

This photo was taken in Liwan District of Guangzhou, known for its many historical sites. Its numerous parks are ideal places to enjoy the traditional architecture and interact with local families as they sing, dance, and use outdoor exercise equipment. There, you can also see many signs of the emergence of China’s middle class and the country’s leaps in technological development — for example, this toy drone being flown by a young boy and his father.