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Xi Jinping and the Party are stronger than you think

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UPDATE 9/25/18: Deng Yuwen’s essay has been translated into English by China Matters. Read it here.

Deng Yuwen 邓聿文 is one of the most interesting Chinese thinkers writing on contemporary politics. The New York Times has published a new essay by Deng, so far in Chinese only. Deng’s main argument is that observers — especially Chinese dissidents, liberals, and other malcontents — underestimate the resilience of both Xi Jinping and the Communist Party.

  • Deng identifies two theories or strains of thought: that the Party is rapidly decaying (中共速朽论 zhōnggòng sùxiǔ lùn), and that Xi Jinping is incompetent (习近平无能论 xíjìnpíng wúnéng lùn).
  • Both theories are incorrect, says Deng, who warns liberals and democracy activists not to “miss historical opportunities” by underestimating the adaptability of the Party, or ignoring their real achievements.
  • See also: Peak Xi Jinping? Two essays, six years apart, offer perspective on Chinese president on SupChina which looks at a Deng essay from 2012.
Jeremy Goldkorn

Jeremy Goldkorn worked in China for 20 years as an editor and entrepreneur. He is editor-in-chief of SupChina, and co-founder of the Sinica Podcast.


  1. John Wong Reply

    The power of a good President is based on his integrity and in touch with the masses. How can you overthrow this man who alleviated 600 million people out of poverty? You must be out of your mind to underestimate him. It’s very rare to have this kind of leadership.

    1. Bob Fonow Reply

      In any country, numerous officials, business people, educators are responsible for poverty alleviation over many decades. Is it really possible to name one person responsible for any country’s economic growth, however, popular the leader? When one person takes too much credit resentment follows, and the system begins to slowly crumble. For example, Trump credits himself for US recent economic performance but the foundations were laid in 2009-2011. By claiming so much for himself Trump’s popularity is declining and he seems less effective. Nothing significant can happen in a large economy in a few short years.

  2. Enslaved Chi-na Reply

    Yeah, Xi is particularly doing a great job at further damaging China’s democracy and human rights. I love how the rest of the world is well aware of the fact that people of Xinjiang, and Hong Kong recently, are suffering extreme inhumanity but still choose to remain silent simply because there is soooo much business potential with the massive Chinese population. Authoritarianism FTW and fu-k human rights!

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