South African corruption and Chinese power (company)


Micah Reddy and investigative center Amabhungane report that a local municipality in eastern South Africa has ordered China Sinogy Electric Engineering Company (CSEEC) to stop construction of an electrical power substation.

  • The poor, rural municipality of Thaba Chweu in Mpumalanga Province is not yet complete, but the project has already taken six years and cost about 400 million South African rand ($30 million).
  • The project was suspended “after criticism from opposition councillors, activists and residents that there was no need to sink such a vast sum into a substation in the first place — and that the municipality had signed away most of its electricity revenue stream to pay for it.”
  • However, “CSEEC insists the substation is sorely needed,” as do the local bureaucrats, who are apparently finding ways to line their pockets.