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‘China’s big mistake’ in Xinjiang

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“Pakistani businessmen whose wives and children are trapped in China’s restive Xinjiang are traveling to Beijing to lobby their embassy,” reports Reuters. They hope “that the south Asian nation’s new government will pressure its ally for their release.”

  • One of the businessmen “said he had confirmed details of 38 cases but believed there were more than 300 similar cases of Pakistani husbands whose wives and children, most of them Uyghurs, had been stuck in Xinjiang for more than a year, in camps or confined to homes.”
  • “This is China’s big mistake,” said another. “Before people did not know how they treated Muslims. Now, everyone knows.”

Other reporting and commentary

The Little Red Podcast has an excellent new show in which hosts Louisa Lim and Graeme Smith interview several Uyghurs in Australia. All of them have relatives who have disappeared — either jailed, sent to “re-education” camps, or in the case of children, sent away to schools or orphanages with no way of contacting their parents. Lim has also written a companion article: Xi Jinping’s war on the Uyghurs. More stories related to Xinjiang:

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