New Party rules to govern members’ online behavior


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is set to implement some new regulations for its members to monitor how they behave on the internet.

The new set of revised discipline rules was released by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on September 26, and is set to take effect on October 1. Party members are required to be hyperconscious about what they post on digital platforms, such as the popular messaging app WeChat.

According to the updated regulations, members could face expulsion from the Party if they make inappropriate remarks online. These include the endorsement of bourgeois liberalization, opposition to the Party’s policy of reform and opening up, groundless criticism of the Party’s major policies that will potentially undermine the organization’s unity, defamation of national heroes and models, and slander of the Party and state leaders. The invention or spreading of rumors regarding politics might also lead to various degrees of punishment.

Meanwhile, according to (in Chinese) the Workers’ Daily, given that WeChat groups have become crucial communicating platforms for people engaging in “illegal activities,” the new rules also warn members to be aware of what online groups or organizations they belong to. Some of the groups flagged by the document include discussion groups dedicated to organizing anti-Party or anti-socialism gatherings and demonstrations, and illegal organizations that try to use religion for incitement and to fight against the Party and government.