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Pictures of the Day: Gubei Water Town

Editor’s note: Our story on Friday about Gubei WTown, which our correspondent called “imminently Instagrammable,” prompted one reader to submit her own photos of this “water town,” which was built in 2010 and has become a popular destination for Beijing weekenders. As today is the eve of a national holiday in China — it’s Golden Week, with the Beijing skies looking very much like in these pictures — we thought we’d share.

That place is truly Instagrammable: streets, small hidden corners decorated with flower pots and seasonal vegetables, lights shining on the water at nighttime teleporting you to Venice. But then you see traditional Chinese buildings and gondoliers spreading  themes from songs of the past. This town is a mix of everything from everywhere. It’s inspiring and magnetic.

But what I also felt — it doesn’t have a concept. We see things and we have questions, we seek explanations and try to find a reason for the existence of all these elements. This place is strange. In a nice way.

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