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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ become gold diggers in China

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Crazy Rich Asians is heading to China. Will it be a hit?” asks CNN. The article does not really answer the question, but quotes producer John Penotti, who told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview in August: “We’re all praying to the China gods right now… From my colleagues in Beijing, it looks like we’re in strong consideration.”

The romantic comedy’s China release will be called zhāijīn qíyuán 摘金奇缘, or “Legends of Gold Digging,” which CNN notes is “at odds with the movie’s storyline in which the main character is initially clueless about her Singaporean boyfriend’s incredible family wealth.” The Hong Kong release in late August translated the title as “My Super Rich Boyfriend” 疯狂亚洲富豪 (fēngkuáng yàzhōu fùháo in Mandarin).

Popular rating and culture discussion site Douban already has a review page for Crazy Rich Asians (in Chinese). More than 7,500 users have submitted their opinions about the film, and the vast majority of them are negative or meh — the overall rating is 6.8 out of 10. People complained that they didn’t get the appeal of it, saying the movie tells a lame rom-com story full of stereotypes about Asians. “It feels like going to a popular Chinese restaurant in America and having some General Tso’s chicken that tastes not so bad,” one user commented.

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