Adding oil and fighting poverty — state media today


“Xí Jìnpíng 习近平 — Unswervingly pursue targets, add oil, and fight as hard as possible to win the fight against poverty” is the headline of the top story on the websites of all central state media today (see Xinhua in Chinese, or the English version titled Xi urges efforts to win battle against poverty on schedule).

  • Poverty alleviation is one of Xi’s regular themes. His government has set 2020 as the target year to finish building a “moderately prosperous society” — in other words, to lift the entire population out of poverty.
  • “Add oil” is a common rendering of 加油 jiā yóu — which literally means “add oil” or “add gasoline,” but is used to cheer on sports teams, colleagues, or anyone who needs encouragement. Coincidentally, Inkstone reports that “this powerful Chinglish phrase is now in the Oxford Dictionary.” The Oxford entry includes an exclamation mark — “add oil!”
  • Nationalistic rag Global Times continues its propaganda campaign on Xinjiang with an editorial titled Governance in Xinjiang stands on righteous side. The Chinese version of the editorial is one of the top stories on the Global Times website. There’s also this piece of fantasy: Interfaith harmony is mainstream in Xinjiang.
  • Hú Xījìn 胡锡进, editor of Global Times, continues to defend the Xinjiang concentration camps on his Twitter account. Today’s tweets:

2:25 pm Beijing time: I don’t think trainees of vocational training centers in Xinjiang go there voluntarily, but they have been given sincere help of education and training to enable them to return to normal life eventually. This is the least costly way to stabilize Xinjiang.

2:34 am, October 18 Beijing time: After a serious terror attack in Shanshan XJ in June 2013, situation deteriorated again. One yr later in Shache, 37 civilians were killed in a terror attack which involved at least dozens mobs. Smaller-scale attacks occurred frequently. Situation gradually spiraled out of control.