Nanchang police hunt man caught on camera molesting his own child

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The Nanchang railway police in Jiangxi Province have launched a hunt for a man who was captured in a viral video molesting an underage girl who appears to be his own daughter on a high-speed train on October 27.

The video was taken by Weibo user Xiǎoyǔ 小雨, who sat adjacent to the father on an afternoon ride on Saturday and shared the video the same evening. In the clip, the man can be seen forcibly kissing and touching private areas of a girl sitting on his lap. She appears to be around five years old.

According to Xiaoyu, after she stopped filming, the girl at one point said to the man, “Daddy, it hurts so much.” But the father allegedly continued molesting his own child despite the girl’s noticeable resistance. Xiaoyu said that there were two female adults sitting next to the man who seemed to be the girl’s mother and grandmother, but they did not take any action to stop the assault.

nanchang child molester

“I want you to publish this video so people can find out the man’s identity,” Xioyu told (in Chinese) the Modern Express newspaper, which helped her to spread the video. It has been making rounds on Chinese social media. Disgusted by the man’s behavior, many people are calling for law enforcement to investigate the case.

In response to the public’s fury, the Nanchang railway police announced (in Chinese) today that they had started looking for the man based on the information he gave while purchasing train tickets.


Father who molested his five-year-old daughter not guilty of any crime