Don’t punch the bus driver!

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It should go without saying that when you are a passenger on a bus, it’s better not to physically fight with the driver for the sake of your own safety and the people around you. But the recent deadly car-bus collision in Chongqing served as a striking reminder that some people can completely lose their sanity over trivial matters and they need to be constantly alerted to the possible negative consequences of their idiocy and selfishness.

Bus plummets into Yangtze River after passenger assaults driver

Driven by the same concerns, someone in Wuhan recently put up a sign on a bus, which reads, “This bus passes Yangtze Bridge. Please don’t start a fight with the driver. This is no joke.” Below the slogan is a cartoon character often used in Chinese internet memes, pointing its finger at a screenshot from a video that captured the dramatic fight between a passenger and a bus driver in Chongqing last week. Her intervention caused the driver to lose control of the steering wheel. The bus then collided with a car, ran off the bridge, and plunged into the Yangtze River, killing at least 15 people on board.

Photos of the poster have been making rounds on Chinese social media with many applauding it as an ingenious idea to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Reporters at, a Beijing-based news website, reached out to the company that operates the bus network in Wuhan. The company told them (in Chinese) that the poster was a prank installed by a passenger and, to many people’s dismay, has been taken down.