Didi gets slammed by authorities over ride-sharing safety

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In August, the rape and murder of a female passenger on Didi Chuxing’s Hitch ride-sharing service — the second in three months — caused nationwide outrage, and an apology tour from Didi wasn’t sufficient to stem much of the resulting loss of trust.

The ride-hailing giant continues to struggle with the fallout of the safety failures.

  • “The company’s management of people and vehicles is out of control,” the Ministry of Transport has declared, Reuters reports.
  • An undisclosed fine has been issued to Didi, and the Ministry said it would “severely crack down” on the hiring of illegal drivers.
  • An indefinite suspension has been applied to the company’s carpool service Hitch, which the two murdered passengers had used.
  • Seven other ride-hailing companies, including “Shouqi, Shenzhou, CaoCao, Yidao Yongche, Meituan, DiDa, and Autonavi,” will also be subject to heightened oversight, TechNode notes.