Open letter in support of New Zealand scholar

Domestic News

Scholars and China specialists around the world have signed an open letter about the harassment campaign against China scholar Anne-Marie Brady:

In New Zealand, Anne-Marie Brady, an academic who investigated the CCP’s influence in local politics, has become the target of a series of incidents which, taken together with attacks from Party-directed media, are consistent with an intimidation campaign. New Zealand authorities have been less than forthcoming in their support for a prominent scholar targeted by a foreign power, at times even adopting a dismissive posture — an attitude appreciated by P.R.C. state media [in Chinese].

The letter is in support of Brady, and calls on the New Zealand government to protect her from further harassment. Radio New Zealand has reported on the letter.


  • In October, Index on Censorship reported that “anonymous, threatening letters” were sent to residential addresses in the U.K., apparently with the aim of stopping “activities that the Chinese government disapproves of.” Recipients included family members of Tom Grundy, editor of Hong Kong Free Press.
  • “New Zealand identifies climate change as its main security threat but also remains wary of China,” reports the South China Morning Post. It’s a summary of a defense policy paper released by the New Zealand government. The document is not highly critical of China, but frequently makes reference to possible challenges from Beijing to the value-based international order.