China lays out its political demands to the EU

Domestic News

The South China Morning Post reports that “China has called on the European Union to stick with Beijing to weather trade protectionism and reduce hurdles to Chinese investment” in a policy paper issued today.

Much of the paper is “win-win” blather about strengthening cooperation, but there are a few clear demands (reproduced verbatim):  

  • The EU should not endorse Taiwan’s membership in any international organization where statehood is required, not sell Taiwan any weapons or any equipment, materials or technologies that can be used for military purposes, and not carry out military exchanges or cooperation in any form.
  • Given that Hong Kong and Macao are China’s special administrative regions, their affairs are part of China’s internal affairs and should not be interfered in by the EU side.
  • The EU should not allow leaders of the Dalai group to visit the EU or its member states in any capacity or under any name to carry out separatist activities, not arrange any form of contact with officials from the EU and its member states, and not support or facilitate any anti-China separatist activities for “Tibet independence”. It is also imperative that the EU side not support or facilitate the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and any other activity of anti-China separatism, violent terrorism and religious extremism.
  • The EU and its member states should lift its arms embargo on China at an early date.
  • China will expand the import of high quality goods from the EU through existing channels and new platforms such as the China International Import Expo. The EU should ease its high-tech export control on China.