Fan-made ‘Ultraman’ video goes viral on the internet

Ultraman is a popular Japanese science-fiction television series. Most Asians who were born in the 1990s have watched it or at least heard of it. The episodes mainly depict how a science patrol battles giant evil monsters and protects Earth.  

On January 10, a fan-made Ultraman video went viral on the internet. It was shot and edited by five 20-year-olds. One of them, Jiang Huan, comes from Zhaoqing, Guangdong. He claims that he’s been shooting and publishing short videos on Kuaishou, a Chinese video-sharing app, for three years. He has also shot a previous Ultraman video, but it did not go viral like this one.

The recent video was made with a phone, and absolutely no fancy tools or CGI were used during the process of shooting. However, viewers on the internet seem to love it nonetheless, and the video even got a “Like” from the famous Japanese director Shunji Iwai. Huan says that he’s very excited and that Shunji’s acknowledgment makes him think that he has accomplished something.