China’s first 3D-printed bridge put into use in Shanghai

A bridge was made using 3D printing technology for 35 days and its service life can last up to 30 years. It was put into use at a park in Shanghai on January 11.

Built by Shanghai Construction Group, the bridge can hold 551 pounds (250 kilograms) per square meter, which is like holding four adults at the same time per square meter.

According to Chen Xiaoming, a leading engineer on the project, the materials of the bridge are a mixture of an engineering plastic called ASA and a certain proportion of glass fiber and anti-aging materials. He said these materials will help the bridge have weather resistance and high-impact strength, so it can withstand long-term sun and rain.

Printing bridges using 3D technology is not unprecedented. In July 2017, Tongji University printed two pedestrian bridges, which were 13 feet (4 meters) and 36 feet (11 meters) long, respectively. However, they were only for display.