Steal this poster, fight sexual harassment

A poster featuring Li Tingting of China’s Feminist Five.


Starting in October 2018, employers in New York State are now required by law to adopt a sexual harassment policy that meets certain minimum standards. Among other requirements, according to this new policy, employers must display information about these standards in a publicly available place. Here at SupChina, a proudly feminist Brooklyn-based company, we are of course happy to oblige — and give a shout-out to Chinese feminists while we’re at it.

That’s why we’ve decided to make the above poster available to the general public, in both Chinese (jpg) and English (jpg). For a larger PDF version, please use the links at the bottom.

In the poster is Chinese feminist activist Lǐ Tíngtíng 李婷婷 (also known as Lǐ Maizi 李麦子), who was kind enough to pose for us.

Li was detained on the eve of International Women’s Day in 2015 for passing out anti-sexual harassment flyers, not unlike the one above. As she herself pointed out in a recent interview on Netflix’s Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, going public has its benefits. Following her detention with four other feminist activists for 37 days, she noted on the show, “I was going to be sentenced [for] over five years…but they didn’t beat me. They don’t touch me. Maybe due to a lot of pressure, internal and external.”

“The CCP thought Peppa Pig was gangsta? Nah, this is gangsta,” Minhaj says.

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Fighting sexual harassment is everyone’s responsibility, in every society. With this poster, SupChina is proud to highlight the work of Chinese women pioneers in this area, and to inspire workplaces closer to home.

Download (PDF):

SupChina — fight sexual harassment ENG (6.7 MB)

SupChina — fight sexual harassment CH (21 MB)