Introducing Middle Earth – China’s cultural industry podcast

This week, big news from SupChina and the Sinica Podcast Network: we are proud to be adding a new member to the family! Introducing Middle Earth, and its host Aladin Farré, a Parisian documentary filmmaker and editor. This show aims to provide a contemporary perspective of China’s cultural industry — the world’s second largest. When discussing topics concerning China and the world, politics and economics have taken the lion’s share of media coverage. Middle Earth hopes to reclaim some of that conversation and inform listeners about the arts in China.

In this debut episode on the Sinica Network, host Aladin Farré chats with three individuals who have all hit the big time and become internet celebrities in China: Erman, whose musings on love and relationships turned into a viral success and a full-time job; Ben Johnson, an Australian English teacher, whose short videos on cultural differences have attracted millions of views and 3 million followers; and Tang Yiqing, who started Juzi Video and has a venture-backed company with 30 million young fans. Learn their secrets for how to become a wanghong (网红 wǎnghóng; internet celebrity)!

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