‘Canada, unwilling to be a martyr in Sino-American trade war, makes nice with China’

Foreign Affairs

The above title is a rough translation of the headline of this Chinese-language article from the BBC that is currently circulating on my social media timelines. Nathan VanderKlippe of the Globe and Mail has an English report (published May 10):

Agreeing on the Arctic: Amid dispute, Canada sides with China over the U.S. on how to manage the North

In the midst of a bruising dispute with China, Ottawa has sided with Beijing over Washington on the Arctic, dispatching a senior parliamentarian to Shanghai to express support for co-operation in the high latitudes — an area where China possesses no territory, but has sought to expand its influence.

Canada “welcomes” the chance to work alongside China in the Arctic, Liberal MP Andrew Leslie on Friday told a forum that is believed to be the largest pan-Arctic gathering ever staged on Chinese soil.