Whispers of ‘Umbrella Movement II’ as protesters gather in Central, Hong Kong

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Photo by Anthony Tao

Demonstrators were back on the streets in Hong Kong on Tuesday night, with protests continuing into Wednesday morning. Thousands of people are currently convening in the districts of Admiralty and Central and jamming onto Harcourt Road in front of the city’s government offices — precisely where the Umbrella Movement protests, which lasted two and a half months, began in 2014.

On Monday, the day after watching hundreds of thousands of people march in the streets in opposition to a proposed extradition bill, Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam remained defiant about pushing the legislation through. “This bill is not initiated by the [Chinese] central people’s government,” she said. “I have not received any instruction.” Critics fear that if passed, Beijing could use the new law to target political opponents — a concern that Lam and lawmakers have called a misunderstanding.

There’s no misunderstanding about this current scene:

CNN reports:

Hong Kong police are calling on protesters who have barricaded roads around the legislative building to disperse as soon as possible, or they will take “appropriate force.”

In a statement, police say protesters who are blocking traffic have damaged police and private cars, “exceeding the definition of Peaceful Protest.”

They are calling for “people who have barricaded these vehicles to leave as soon as possible, or we will take appropriate force to rescue those who are trapped.”

Today was the day for a scheduled second reading of the proposed extradition bill. That reading, originally set for 11 am, has been postponed, according to a short statement released by the legislative council.

More updates as they become available.

UPDATE: A video I made — footage taken earlier this afternoon around 1 pm:

And some photos:

UPDATE, 4:40 pm: Tear gas and rubber bullets being used:

UPDATE: Shortly after tear gas was used to disperse crowds:

Hong Kong police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at protestors